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It's 2020!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I am ringing in 2020 with monthly blog posts here at 

While wondering how to introduce myself, I ran across a poignant, yet short article describing what it means to be a nurse and what people think of nurses. SPOILER ALERT -- People Love Nurses! 

Once again, nurses topped the Gallup Polls as the most trusted professionals in the US for the 20th, YES 20th year!  We rank higher in honesty, ethical standards and awesomeness (ok, I added that one, but am I wrong?) than physicians, clergy, police, and educators.  This enduring respect for my profession of more than 20 years is spellbinding.

What does this mean for the clients of INTREPID FHC?  It means you will receive the same trustworthy, ethical service from me that you expect from all nurses. Much of my nursing career has included staff development as well as forensic nursing.  INTREPID FHC's services include consultation, expert testimony, and education. Read more about each below. 


Attorneys, do you have the time, patience, and expertise to navigate mountains of medical records?  Well, I DO!  INTREPID FHC specializes in medical and/or injury cases including sexual assault, domestic violence, elder abuse, child abuse, physical assault & battery, gunshot wounds, death, drug/alcohol charges, and more. 

Consultation involves analyzing medical records, injuries, and other evidence to identify relevant medical issues.  It also includes interpreting the medical evidence for attorneys to support a solid trial case.  I also offer consultative services to developing forensic healthcare programs and new forensic/legal nurse consultants.

Expert testimony: 

Expert testimony helps a judge and jury understand a case’s relevant medical issues as well as current medical research and standards of practice.  I provide expert testimony; and, if expert testimony is required outside my areas of expertise, I can help you find the right expert for your needs.

I can help criminal, civil, and military attorneys with their cases -- worldwide. I specialize in criminal cases but have also consulted in civil cases involving bodily injury and medical issues.  I cut my teeth on expert consulting and testimony in the military court system. 


INTREPID FHC offers education on-site, via webinar, and conference presentations for attorneys and other law professionals, law enforcement, healthcare professionals, and any other profession interested in forensic healthcare topics. The best part, I do not provide “canned” training. Each offering is tailored to your audience addressing specific learning needs. 

I am not an approved provider or approver of continuing education (CEU, CE, CLE, etc.). However, I can help you with applications for continuing education so attendees receive needed contact hours.

Thank you for visiting the INTREPID FHC site, please peruse for more information on my services and contact information.  Thank you also for reading my first blog post EVER - make sure you come back every month as I dissect forensic healthcare. Next month I’ll be talking all things Hymen! I look forward to serving you in 2020!

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